5 Factors The Best SEO Company Will Focus On


Searching for professionals to help you with your SEO work is a good idea. However, breaking down the list of companies that claim to be the best SEO company is tough. Just take a moment to search that term and you will get hit with so many options, it can easily turn into a painstaking task. Hiring someone is important, but who do you go with? Do you go with the companies that are named “the best” or do you go with someone that claims they are, but really is nothing more than a consultant that is farming out your site to a foreign source? No matter what you find online, you will need to measure their work and focus into 5 categories.

There are 5 factors that the best SEO company for your needs will be able to work in. They will promote themselves as experts in these categories first off, then delineate from that to other solutions. If they do not focus on the following 5 things, then their claims are nothing more than hubris.

The 5 Factors of Great Search Engine Optimization

100% Unique Content

seo company2014 was the year a lot of marketing companies went under. In fact, a lot of experts lost their rankings, and many businesses were wiped out of the search results for millions of keywords. An algorithm shift from Google wiped out a ton of internet marketer’s best work and drove AdSense earnings way down, conversions down for ecommerce sites, and so much more. The reason, bad content, duplicate content, and spun media posted across the same article sites over and over again. This is the year of unique, and high quality writing. Whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it, make sure that you find a company that focuses on this.

Technical Syntax Updating (HTML)

The lifeblood of the web is HTML. All programming languages that are on your site need updating for the purpose of optimization. When you are trying to decipher which is the best SEO company to use, you will want to make sure that they have a team that knows how to fix meta titles, descriptions, HTML errors, and all other errors that may cause your site to decline in traffic. On page SEO is crucial to the bigger picture.

Metrics (Analytical Data)

SEO is not just about fixes, it’s about finding the problem first. High quality experts in the optimization world absolutely need to know the metrics such as crawl rate, site speed, inbound links, outbound links, traffic, and so much more. If they do not know this at all, then they will be blindly building a strategy for you that may not work. It’s very important that metrics are isolated to help you succeed, and that’s where finding the best SEO company comes into play.

Blogging (Content Round 2)

Every major corporation has a blog of some kind. They do this because it increase the reach of the traffic and audience. Without a blog or a constantly updated main page, information and article creation can be a hard road to travel down. This helps increase traffic, and keeps people coming back on a regular basis. Even ecommerce sites have blogs that are dedicated to displaying new releases, and more.

High End Links (Backlink Generation)

If any company claims that they are the number one in any industry, they have to have trust. Their site has to be linked with some very authoritative websites. Links build trust, and they are the lifeblood of rank for many sites. When you have only high quality, authority linking on your side, you will see major increases in traffic. Every major search engine looks for this, and they look for the source, quantity, and traffic of other sites. Identity, domain name, traffic, and type of site also play a factor, especially in these modern times.


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SEO: Targeting the People and Not the Search Engines


Search engine optimization (SEO) is of paramount importance for websites nowadays. It is difficult to find any website that has no interest in engaging in SEO operations. The advantages and benefits that a good SEO campaign can deliver are too many to mention.


The fierce competition for dominance over the internet drives websites to take full advantage of everything at their disposal. SEO operations are at the forefront of every online marketer’s mind. They know full well just how important it can be to a website’s continued survival.

Planning and executing SEO operations can be difficult given all the technical brouhaha that people ought to think about. Sometimes, pulling them off successfully can seem like trying to jump off of a suspension bridge and diving into a shot glass.

All things considered, there are a few things that people seem to forget about creating good content for websites. People forget that the content that they are creating is for people, not the search engines.

What is high quality content?

At the very core of every SEO campaign is the process of creating high quality content. There is no argument to be found that creating high quality content is the primary focus of SEO operations.

The production of high quality content depends upon the discretion of those making it. Discretion is a funny little thing. Like an empty hole in the middle of a donut, discretion is surrounded by a belt of restriction more commonly known as standards. The question therefore is this, by whose standards should the content be made?

The question that people should be asking themselves however is for whom the high quality content should be made for. SEO operations mainly consider the search engines as an audience.

See, the whole reason why SEO operations exist is because of how search engines operate. Search engines use certain algorithms and programs, known as web crawlers or spiders, in order to come up with a list of results relevant to the needs of the search engine’s user. To that end, the contents of a website are tailor made for the search engine to increase the chances that search engine programs will find them.

Being found by web crawlers mean that a website will get on the search engine results page (SERP). The higher the relevance of a website the higher its rank, the higher the rank the more likely it will draw attention and earn visitors. Typically, this is how the online industry understands high quality content.

The issue with this is that this kind of high quality content is based on the standards of a machine or a written program and not the actual intended audience. To put it simply, the SEO industry usually cares more about the technical side of their content that the human side. Content is now being made for the purpose of satisfying the standards of a machine or computer program.

High quality content for people

If a website really wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd and be recognized as something unique, creative, or fun then they ought to start thinking about their audience more and the search engines less.

When creating content it is always best to think about the target audience. Thinking too much about the search engine’s standards when creating content usually results in dry, bland, or mundane writing. These are the sort of content that people tend to avoid.

Sure, perhaps a website did catch the attention of the visitor because they were able to land a spot on the SERP, but did the visitor come back? Retention is another important aspect of a website’s survival. It is not enough that people visit a website; they also need to retain their audience in order for them to truly thrive. SEO operations really need to start thinking about how they can do more to prioritize the people more and machines less.

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