Chronistsempelis: How to Find the Best SEO Company

Just because certain companies can provide Search Engine Optimization services does not mean that they can help you reach your goals. If you are looking for SEO companies that can help you increase the visibility of your business online to make it profitable, there are various things you have to consider first. Since there are lots of SEO companies floating around, it is wise to weigh these factors so you will be able to get the best services you deserve. Below are the things that you have to look for when choosing a SEO company.

These factors are just some of the things that we at chronistsempelis can assure you.

Page Ranking Ability

Page Ranking AbilityEvery website has certain aspects that must be improved in order for it to have a good Search Engine Positioning and climb the Search Engine Results Page or SERP. What you should opt for is the one that can execute various ways to address those specific aspects that must be improved in your website. The best SEO company does a thorough site analysis first in order to do this properly.


When outsourcing the SEO work, checking the relevant experience related to Internet marketing services and the reputation in market of the firm you are planning to hire is important. This is one of the basis to see if they are trustworthy. You can simply check the feedback of our clients on the internet to see how credible chronistsempelis is.

Linking Strategy

Linking StrategyThe best SEO company is the one that understands how vital the reciprocal linking and one-way linking is. They should have the proper knowledge and experience in doing an advanced analysis of the linking structure of your website. This is the most effective way to find out its weak points and address them so it can become better. You can expect better results if they are able to do this.

Keyword Optimization

The keyword optimization of your website plays a crucial role of its on-page optimization. The SEO firm that you are planning to opt for must have the expertise in analyzing and optimizing your keywords and if needed, suggest various alternatives.


Of course, you cannot say that a certain SEO company is the best if they are not competitively priced. You have to check their SEO services and find out if they are worth the price you will spend in case you opt for them. Be sure that their prices are reasonable. You also have to compare them to the other means of advertising and find out the difference between their costs, the results they can provide and the duration of that results to happen.


CommunicationThe company you choose must provide all of their contact information and ask for yours. This way, you can communicate with them right away if you have questions or issues that you want to be addressed. We at chronistsempelis see to it that you get updates with regards to the progress of your website regularly. We will also give you detailed reports so you can find out how your website is doing already, whether it has improved or not and how much it has developed. Do not settle with the verbal reports of most companies. Be sure that you will get them in print. This way, you will not have to guess about the current performance of your website. This will also give you assurance that the SEO company you are opting for is doing what it is supposed to do.

If you opt for us, you will not have to worry about anything since we will provide you the best SEO services. We will give you regular updates regarding the progress and performance of your website. All of the factors mentioned above and even more will be met. At chronistsempelis, we assign various specialists for each websites to make sure that there is a team focusing on yours. Rest assured, you are opting for one of the best SEO companies.

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A Meaningful Funeral

Oftentimes, the bereaved cannot derive meaning from the death of a loved one. Understanding why a loved one has to die is not very easy to accept. A funeral allows people to comprehend the meaning of life and death.

Usually, family members do not exactly know how to go about the different parts of the memorial service. One reason is that most do not have experience in doing it many times. Another reason is that it is not easy to make decisions and arrangements during the time of bereavement. One big help is entrusting the arrangements to a funeral home. This is after making decisions on how to make the memorial service more meaningful.

What makes a funeral meaningful? Is it just the usual generic ceremony that is done traditionally or by the graveside? However touching the service is, it is possible that it will not hold any special meaning to the family members and friends.

There are different parts in a memorial service. The only thing that will provide special significance is by making every part personal for the family and friends.

The usual parts of an interment are:


FuneralMusic is a very strong avenue to access the person’s emotions. The songs that will be played can evoke happy or sad emotions. This is important in making a service personal and meaningful. The line-up of music should be songs that have special memories for both the deceased and those left behind.

Speeches and Anecdotes

This is the perfect way to celebrate the life lived by the deceased. The speeches delivered are usually peppered with anecdotes about the one who passed away. Readings are also a strong part of the delivered speech. Sometimes, passages from the Bible or lines from poems are read apart from the speech. Other times, readings are included in the speech.

Viewing / Receptions

During the funeral service, viewings provide the time for people to extend their sympathies and condolences. Visitation allows the family members to have a support system. This will make it easy for them to process their grief and move forward in their lives.

Eulogy / Remembrance

Remembrance of the one who died is usually combined with readings, speeches, and anecdotes. It is the most important, often the final part, of the funeral service. This is the part of the service where the speeches and the readings are put in. Different people who know the deceased well are asked to speak during this time.


Symbols are part of the rituals done in memorial services. Rites are very important when words are not enough to express how people feel. Examples of symbols are flowers. People give flowers to express their sympathies. Flowers are also given to express remembrance of the deceased. In other services, the other symbols that hold special meaning would be the Bible or any other religious signs. All symbols to be used in the service should hold meaning to the family, friends, and the mourners. It is not a requirement that only spiritual symbols are used.


The procession is done to show support for the family. This also gives honor to the dead in public. Another important element of the procession is the music to be played during the procession. There should also be thoughtful planning of the routes to take in going to the cemetery. A short memorial can also be held by the graveside if the family requests for it.

With the memorial service, members of the family and friends are given the chance to say goodbye. This also gives closure to those left behind. After the service, the bereaved find solace in the fact that many people also love the one who died.

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Is it Better to Order Custom Challenge Coins Here or Abroad?

Ordering custom challenge coins has become more complicated the past few years given how much the industry has grown. There used to be a time that people who wanted custom coins only had to go to a local coin manufacturer to get what they wanted. With the rise of the internet and global shipping, ordering custom coins from a coin manufacturer overseas has become a viable option.

custom coins
There are many reasons why some people choose to deal with coin manufacturers abroad instead of here. However, most people have next to no clue why these people would prefer dealing with foreigners over those who make coins here. It just seems to them like a total waste of time and effort.

Ordering custom challenge coins abroad does have its advantages, but it also has its downsides. Below is a discussion on the good and the bad side of ordering custom coins from foreign coin manufacturers.

Dealing with someone here versus someone abroad

The first big issue most people have with dealing with coin manufacturers abroad is that they’re foreigners. This has nothing to do with xenophobia so much as it has something to do with the language and cultural barrier.

A lot of people find themselves flustered when they deal with foreign businessmen. Some people conduct their business differently from others.

The biggest hindrance is of course the language. It’s difficult to make a deal when people can’t even communicate with each other. Most people can’t be bothered to deal with call center agents who come from a different country much less people who they’re making big deals with.

The advantage to buying custom challenge coins here is that they’re easy to talk to and deal with.

The costs of manufacturing

When it comes to the cost of manufacturing, ordering abroad is definitely better. This is actually the main reason why so many people choose to order their custom coins abroad rather than here.

Countries like China or South Korea have low labor costs. In addition to the cheap labor, the raw materials used in the production of custom coins are also lower. This makes the South Korean and Chinese coins extremely competitive with the coins produced in the United States in terms of price.

In fact, some coin manufacturers in the United States have more or less become custom coin brokers instead of being manufacturers. They find a good, reliable, and cheap coin manufacturer abroad and ask them to produce certain coins which the former will then deliver to their customers.

People who go directly to the foreigners who make custom challenge coins see their move as cutting the middleman out.

The hassle of returning products abroad versus returning them here

The biggest downside to dealing with coin manufacturers abroad is that they’re in a different part of the world. The delivery will take longer and may even be more expensive. The reason why some custom coin dealers can afford to make quick deliveries is that they have a lot of orders. The volume of their shipments makes their business cost effective and feasible.

Delivering a single order can be a difficult task. What’s even more stressful though is returning faulty products. Sometimes, for one reason or another, the custom coin doesn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to. It has the wrong shape, the color is off, or whatever. The point here is that returning a bad batch of custom coins to its country of origin can be a nightmare. This is one of the main problems that some people have with coin manufacturers from different countries. Although, some still see that risk as a small price for having to pay a cheap price of custom challenge coins

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The Pieces of Culture and History that would Definitely Convince You to Buy a House on Long Island

Long Island has always been a favorite vacation spot for many Americans. It is home to some of the most famous hotspots in New York, such as the famous Citi Field stadium that is located in Queens County. This stadium is the home field for the New York Mets. Aside from the stadium, there are several hotspots in Queens that have attracted tourists for many years. Some of these hotspots include:


There are three different locations in Queens where the Chinese community have established their own Chinatown. However, tourists and locals alike consider the Chinatown in Flushings to be the best among the three. It is also the oldest, having been established in the early 1970’s. It was initially referred to as Little Taipei and sometimes as Little Taiwan. The Flushings Chinatown was established from a mixture of Chinese cultures, such as Mandarin-speaking Taiwanese migrants and Cantonese-speaking Chinese exiles, as well as a few sprinklings of Korean and other Asian migrants. This means that the Flushings Chinatown is brimming with a wide mixture of cultures that have blended in throughout the years and created a culture that is unique to this part of the city. The cuisine is just as diverse as its culture, and it can only be truly appreciated if you actually go there to have a taste.

•Louis Armstrong House Museum

This museum is a member of various national and local museum organizations. It is also protected as a National Historic Landmark and is considered to be one of New York City’s foremost landmarks as well. The museum focuses completely on the life and legacy of famous Jazz musician Louis Armstrong. The museum holds large collections of memorabilia that are related to Louis Armstrong’s life. The museum collections also include memorabilia from Louis’ own extensive collections of recordings, reel tapes, photographs and a whole lot more. His wife Lucille Armstrong is also strongly felt through memorabilia that relate to her own life, her collections, and her work on the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation.

real estateThese are just two of the best hotspots in Queens that tourists often flock to every year. However, note that Queens is also just one of the 4 main counties that cover the entire stretch Long Island. The 3 other counties are Kings County (where Brooklyn is located), Nassau County, and Suffolk County. Each of these counties has its own charm and its own hotspots to explore. Each county has its own museum that is centered on the lives and careers of some of the most famous Americans who were born or have lived on Long Island. A few other famous Long Islanders include:

1.Walt Whitman

He is the famous poet and author who transcended the popular writing styles of his time. He did this by writing about issues that afflicted the society within which he as a part of. The house where he was born is now one of the historical landmarks in Huntington Village. It is being used as a site for public readings of Whitman’s famous works, as well as the famous works of many other American authors.

2.Theodore Roosevelt

Well who doesn’t know who he is? Although Roosevelt was not a native of Long Island, he spent most of his time on the island. He owned what was referred to as a ‘summer white house’. It is located on the northern portion of Long Island at an area known as Sagamore Hill. Roosevelt bought the property long before he became the 26th US president. It has since been declared as a National Historic Site and is administered under the National Park Services administration. Guided tours are regularly conducted on the house and its surrounding land, which include the Theodore Roosevelt Museum. The museum stands on the site of the late Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt III’s old house, which was then known as the Old Orchard.

Whether you are looking to buy a house or rent a condo or apartment unit on Long Island, we will definitely be able to assist you in finding it. As an MLS Long Island real estate finder, our office would assist you in finding the best broker for that dream vacation home. By filling out the form on our website, we will be able to connect you with real estate brokers who can work with according to your own terms. The only information we require are:

•The minimum and maximum price for the house that you wish to buy or the apartment that you want to rent.

•The minimum floor area of the house, apartment, or condo unit. Please do indicate this information in square feet.

•The number of beds and bath that your family requires.

Of course, we also need your contact information so that we can reach you as soon as a broker that best meets your qualifications is found. This step is also important so that, in case you wish to sell the property in the future, we can also assist you in finding a broker who would be able to get you a good price for it.

We are your first and one stop shop for Long island real estate. Whether its residential, commercial, buy, rent or sell we can assist with the best MLS long Island listing.

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How to Make a Unique Catchphrase for Logo Lanyards

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of branding and how choosing the right brand can make or break a business. That is why companies often exert a lot of extra effort in ensuring that their brands are not only well-understood by the consumers in their niche markets. It should also be a brand that uniquely identifies the company with the niche market that it wants to cater to. One way of making sure that consumers become closely familiar with the brand is by creating a logo that embodies everything that the brand stands for.

Logo LanyardsThe logo is then printed on every possible surface, including company letterheads, the front door of the company’s headquarters, and so on. The presence of these unique logos is also present in every advertisement and promotional piece that the company releases.

These ads and promo pieces include:

1. Logo lanyards

2. Newsprint articles and ads

3. TV commercials

The logos are then accompanied by unique phrases that are aimed at catching the interest of the target market. The difficult part is in creating a catchphrase that contains all the words that signifies the company’s brand. At the same time, the catchphrase should also be short enough to fit into the limited space provided on newspapers and onlogo lanyards.

If you have absolutely no idea how to make a catchphrasethat is short enough to be printed on lanyards, just take note of the following tips:

1. Take time to think the slogan through. Remember that the catchphrase would represent the company for as long as it is up there with the logo. Printing the catchphrase on everyday items such as logo lanyards would also give it a permanent spot in people’s lives. So be sure to create a catchphrase that would not turn the company into a laughingstock.

2. List down at least 5 key benefits that the company’s products or services provide. Choose the most striking benefit on the list and incorporate that on the catchphrase. Make sure that the benefits are listed as one- or two-word adjectives so that it wouldn’t be too difficult to add any of it onto the catchphrase.

3. State the reasons why your company is a better choice than its competitors. It is inevitable that one business could be offering a product or service that is similar to that offered by another business. In this case, the only way that the businesses can get ahead of each other is by offering something else that the other might have neglected. Focusing on customer service or better product quality could be the straw that pulls the business higher. Stating this on the catchphrase would let the consumers know that the business is truly committed to its promise.

Businesses also have to make sure that the catchphrase contains only 5-6 words more or less. Making the catchphrase short and concise is done not only for the benefit of making it fit on tiny advertising platforms like logo lanyards. Short catchphrases tend to stick on the consumer’s minds better than wordy slogans. Also, some of the best catchphrases for the top players in the industry do not contain any jargon. As a matter of fact, most of these catchphrases contain words that might sound ridiculous for some people. These words include:

1. Snap

2. Crackle

3. Betcha

4. Pop, and so on

These words are combined with other everyday words to make up a phrase that people can relate to. These simple words make consumers feel like the company understands them and that the company knows exactly what they need. Repeating a word on the catchphrase twice or three times could also serve to enhance the sense of urgency. Ending each word with an exclamation point would effectively ensure that consumers take notice.

Wholesale Lanyards is your source for the best ID badge holders and logo lanyards in the business.Combine our top-quality lanyards with a name badge holder, and you’ve got the most convenient, easy to use way to keep ID cards secure and visible at all times!

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All about Golf Putters

Golfers agree that out of the clubs found inside their bags, putters are the most important. After all, putters often determine the outcome of a game, especially since putts count for almost as half of your score.

Putters are the clubs most often used. A bad putter can stress you out, while a good putter can always give you a good game.

Read on below to learn more about golf putters.

What are Golf Putters

These are clubs with lofts of not more than 10 degrees. They’re mainly designed to help the golf ball roll along the green towards the hole. Their standard measure is 34” for men and 33” for women.

Golf clubs have standard lengths that have to be strictly implemented – except for putters. There are golfers who have extremely long putters, and some even have putters that go beyond the 48” limit. Some putters are even called as “belly putters” as they reach the golfer’s belly.

The club is the sole golf club that can be used on the green. You use it to make short and slow strokes. The putters’ main purpose is simple: to get the ball into the hole.

You really can’t say that golf clubs are indispensible, and any club can be replaced if needed. A putter, on the other hand, is a very important club to have – virtually every golfer has a putter inside his bag.

Putter Identification

Here are ways on identifying golf putters and distinguishing between kinds:

Using one finger, balance your putter’s shaft. After setting the putter, look at it and check what position the putter’s head is in.

•Is the putter face looking upward? That’s a mallet or a face-balanced putter.

•Is the putter toe pointing downward to the ground? That’s a blade or a toe-balanced putter.

•Can’t determine because it’s somewhere in between? That’s a heel-toe putter.

What Makes Putters Different

Golf PuttersGolf putters are differentiated from clubs (i.e. woods & irons) by its club head – putters’ club heads usually have a flat, low-profile and a low-loft striking face. Aside from the face, putters usually have unique features such as non-circular grips, bent shafts and positional guides.

Putters have a loft – usually around 5° – 6° but not more than 10° – and that helps lift the golf ball from any indentations made.

There are different kinds of putters: short, long, belly, bent, center-hosel, mallet, heel-toe, and so on. A golf bag usually has one putter.

The putter you have must be capable of giving you every possible advantage there is, such as good glide, smooth stroke, bounce-less topspin and a sweet impact. Putters recently manufactured have grooves to promote roll rather than having skid off the impact. The grooves add to the rolling distance and lessen chances of bouncing.

Choosing the Perfect Putter

There are a lot of putters out there so it’s going to be hard to find the perfect one for you. Do your research first to make sure that you’ll have one that’s just right for you.

Don’t let a putter’s price be a major factor in whether you’ll be buying it or not. Let other factors such as stroke, length, weight and balance help you out in making a proper decision. Choosing the perfect putter is among the most important things you’ll have to do as a golfer, so don’t be hasty.

There’s no specific rule to follow with regard to golf putters. At the end of the day, what’s important is if it helps you get more putts, and if the putter hits the sweet spots. Does it? If it does, then it’s the putter for you.

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Finding the Best Badge Holders For You

Before, all you needed was a clip and your identification card can be put in place; now, you need three or more items to secure your identification card or any type of card.

First, you need a lanyard. Lanyards are quite trendy nowadays. They are convenient and they make you more confident that your card will not fall anywhere. Lanyards are of different types such as polyester, nylon, woven, tube, round, zipper, beaded, and full-color. They also have variations in terms of sizes and designs.

Second, you will need an attachment. It is the item between the lace and your card. The common lanyard attachments are metal j hook, swivel hook, metal ring, carabiner hook, and bulldog clip. There are also plastic hooks which are more economical compared to other attachments.

Lastly, you will need an item that will protect your identification card. These items are called Badge holders. They are usually made of rigid plastic or vinyl.

You have almost unlimited choices for the three mentioned items. The question is: How can you make a wise decision as a buyer? Below are some questions that will help you find the best lanyard, card holder, and attachment.

1. What type of card do you have?

To know what items should you use to protect your card, consider first the type of card you have. Is it an identification card or a smart card? Is it thin or thick?

If your card uses RFID technology wherein your information will not be visible unless scanned by a device, you will need shielded badge holders. This type has a metal which basically protects the card from possible identity thieves.

If you have thicker cards, proximity card holders are your best choice due to their durability. They can protect your card from dirt, dust, and even moisture.

2. What’s your personality?

Expressing yourself cannot only be done through verbal or written communication; you can also use your clothing and accessories to make your personality known to others.

Beaded or chain lanyards are best for people who are fashionable. Pair these accessories with a colored vinyl card holder. Those who identify themselves as a simple person should probably go for a plain polyester lanyard, a metal j hook, and an economical card holder.

If you want to make a bigger statement, then go for customized lanyards and badge holders. You can make your own designs to be imprinted on the surface of your accessories. You can even add badge reels to your lanyards and have the logo customized.

3. How many do you need to buy?

In case you are not only buying for yourself, you can make a bulk order. By doing this, you will be entitled to discounts and free attachments.

Badge holdersYou can either buy readymade items or have them customized with your department logo for instance. For the sake of all those involved, you also have to ask them what orientation they want for their badge holders. Some have vertical slots and others have horizontal ones.

There are also card holders with zipper or flap functions for easy card removal. Also, remember to match your attachments properly to the slots of your card holders.

4. Are you Earth-friendly?

You may not know this yet, but lanyards and card holders actually have eco-friendly variations. They are made of materials that are not hazardous for the environment such as recycled bottles, bamboo fibers, and ingeo fibers.

Aside from availing of badge reels, you can include additional features for your lanyards such as safety breakaways, plastic buckles, reflective bands, and fancy rhinestones, crystals, and beads.

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Today’s uber-pocketable gadgets and other microdevices owe largely to the development of printed circuit boards. Its creation has allowed manufacturers to design and move towards increasingly small form factors. But before PCBs were a thing, the world had to rely on a mess of copper wires to connect different components to one another.

Earliest Attempts

The PCBs that everyone knows and uses today would not come until the latter half of the 20th century. However, there were attempts in the early parts of the last century to eliminate the bulky and messy problem of using conventional copper wires. A German by the name of Albert Hanson tried laminating foil conductors to an insulating board – one of the earliest ideas of modern circuit board designs. There were also patent applications for printed wiring issued in the early 1900s. Thomas Edison even tried his hand at an idea of plating conductors unto linen.

Pcb fabricationBut these attempts are far from the circuit board designs of today. Early inventors tried embedding copper wiring unto wooden planks or cardboard, which doesn’t really make for a compact setup but slightly reduces the wire tangling problems.

Paul Eisler and World War II

An Austrian-born inventor by the name of Dr. Paul Eisler can be credited with the earliest functional designs of today’s printed circuit boards. Because of his Jewish lineage and the prevailing anti-Semitic milieu in the Nazi-controlled German Empire at the time, Eisler was forced to move to England where he got a job in a recording firm. It was in England in 1936 where Paul Eisler first submitted a design containing a functional printed circuit which was used in a radio set. Though he was briefly incarcerated when World War II erupted, he was released and was able to market his idea of a printed circuit to a company.

Near the end of the war, the United States military brass saw potential in Eisler’s printed circuits and integrated them to their anti-aircraft shells.

Postwar Commercial Use and Development

In 1949, an innovation on the production of printed circuit boards came from two scientists affiliated with the United States Army. Stanislaus Danko and Moe Abramson developed the “Auto-Sembly” process. This new innovation replaced the through-hole construction wherein all electronic components had specific wire leads that needed their own holes to be connected to the other side which had the circuit board trace. Each wire had to be manually soldered to the board. The new auto-sembly process did away with this and the circuit board traces were replaced with interconnected copper foils. The component leads only needed to be dip-soldered. A patent for this was issued in 1956, giving way to more widespread use in consumer products. The widened adoption of printed circuit boards led to further development and innovations concerning its manufacture, design, and efficiency.

The Modern Printed Circuit Board

The 1960’s saw the arrival of the first double-sided PCBs. This was made possible by advanced plating processes that allowed hole walls or what are now termed “vias” to become plated. The circuit design of the boards became increasingly complex. The spaces between tracks began to shrink owing to demand for cheaper production costs.

Innovations in the 1970’s included hot air soldering methods and application of solder masks. Copper circuits is first manufactured and then green solder mask is applied. The solder mask industry standard today covered everything but the vias and electronic circuitry of the printed circuit boards. Then the pads of the vias are coated with solder. The introduction of integrated circuits in the following years greatly lessened the footprint of the circuit boards, leading to smaller appliances, gadgets, and computers.

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The Better Solution: Portable Storage Container

For homeowners, there is no bigger problem than trying to find enough storage space for clutter. Most of the time, people resort to throwing away unused things that they simply cannot keep anymore. While decluttering is not necessarily a bad thing, aren’t there times when you wish that you could hold on to your things for a little longer? If you are one of the people who are simply having an impossibly hard time in storing and transporting the things that you have in your home, then there is a good solution for you – getting a portable storage container.

Portable Storage containerThere are different reasons why more and more homeowners are starting to invest in containers that have the added feature of portability. As a matter of fact, most people claim that using a portable storage container has saved them from problems. It seems that using this kind of moveable container does have its perks, and it will do you well to start using them yourself!

It is a Staple Tool for Movers

Anyone who has experienced moving from one house to another will attest to the fact that hauling one box after another is no easy feat. This is why the home-moving business is consistently in full bloom. For most homeowners, they are the only solution to the inconvenience of moving houses.

Well, this is simply not true anymore, especially when you bring the use of a portable storage container into the equation. Because a moveable container will combine the perks and privileges of a moving van and a storage unit, you will no longer need to worry about packing your things and transporting them to your next home. All that you need to do is to securely pack your belongings into your container and wheel it to your new home!

It is Easy and Convenient to Use

Most of the time, people are often left with big question marks on their faces when the issue of finding storage units is brought up. This is especially true for those who want to transport or store a big bulk of materials. Most often, people resort to using boxes — hundreds and hundreds of them. This is the reason why garages and basements all over the country have come to be overrun by cardboard boxes.

If you want to keep yourself from having to deal with the same problem, then you simply need to invest on a portable storage container that is of the right size. Make sure that you hit the sweet spot storage-wise. Find one that will be able to hold all the things that you want to store, but still fit wherever it is you plan on storing it, too. To be on the safe side, measure the area of your garage or shed before you buy one. You should not have any problem in finding a portable container that will be of the right size for your needs.

It is Very Much Secure

Since they are mainly designed for moving, this kind of containers usually comes with locks and security features. Even if you plan on using the container for your home, this added feature would benefit you. You can very well use your portable storage container in order to store fragile and valuable materials, especially if you are planning to be away for some time. Since moveable containers are usually made out of steel, as well, you won’t have to worry about tampering of any kind. Your belongings will remain as safe and as secure as how you left it, even if you move the container or keep it in one place.

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5 Factors The Best SEO Company Will Focus On


Searching for professionals to help you with your SEO work is a good idea. However, breaking down the list of companies that claim to be the best SEO company is tough. Just take a moment to search that term and you will get hit with so many options, it can easily turn into a painstaking task. Hiring someone is important, but who do you go with? Do you go with the companies that are named “the best” or do you go with someone that claims they are, but really is nothing more than a consultant that is farming out your site to a foreign source? No matter what you find online, you will need to measure their work and focus into 5 categories.

There are 5 factors that the best SEO company for your needs will be able to work in. They will promote themselves as experts in these categories first off, then delineate from that to other solutions. If they do not focus on the following 5 things, then their claims are nothing more than hubris.

The 5 Factors of Great Search Engine Optimization

100% Unique Content

seo company2014 was the year a lot of marketing companies went under. In fact, a lot of experts lost their rankings, and many businesses were wiped out of the search results for millions of keywords. An algorithm shift from Google wiped out a ton of internet marketer’s best work and drove AdSense earnings way down, conversions down for ecommerce sites, and so much more. The reason, bad content, duplicate content, and spun media posted across the same article sites over and over again. This is the year of unique, and high quality writing. Whether you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it, make sure that you find a company that focuses on this.

Technical Syntax Updating (HTML)

The lifeblood of the web is HTML. All programming languages that are on your site need updating for the purpose of optimization. When you are trying to decipher which is the best SEO company to use, you will want to make sure that they have a team that knows how to fix meta titles, descriptions, HTML errors, and all other errors that may cause your site to decline in traffic. On page SEO is crucial to the bigger picture.

Metrics (Analytical Data)

SEO is not just about fixes, it’s about finding the problem first. High quality experts in the optimization world absolutely need to know the metrics such as crawl rate, site speed, inbound links, outbound links, traffic, and so much more. If they do not know this at all, then they will be blindly building a strategy for you that may not work. It’s very important that metrics are isolated to help you succeed, and that’s where finding the best SEO company comes into play.

Blogging (Content Round 2)

Every major corporation has a blog of some kind. They do this because it increase the reach of the traffic and audience. Without a blog or a constantly updated main page, information and article creation can be a hard road to travel down. This helps increase traffic, and keeps people coming back on a regular basis. Even ecommerce sites have blogs that are dedicated to displaying new releases, and more.

High End Links (Backlink Generation)

If any company claims that they are the number one in any industry, they have to have trust. Their site has to be linked with some very authoritative websites. Links build trust, and they are the lifeblood of rank for many sites. When you have only high quality, authority linking on your side, you will see major increases in traffic. Every major search engine looks for this, and they look for the source, quantity, and traffic of other sites. Identity, domain name, traffic, and type of site also play a factor, especially in these modern times.


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SEO: Targeting the People and Not the Search Engines


Search engine optimization (SEO) is of paramount importance for websites nowadays. It is difficult to find any website that has no interest in engaging in SEO operations. The advantages and benefits that a good SEO campaign can deliver are too many to mention.


The fierce competition for dominance over the internet drives websites to take full advantage of everything at their disposal. SEO operations are at the forefront of every online marketer’s mind. They know full well just how important it can be to a website’s continued survival.

Planning and executing SEO operations can be difficult given all the technical brouhaha that people ought to think about. Sometimes, pulling them off successfully can seem like trying to jump off of a suspension bridge and diving into a shot glass.

All things considered, there are a few things that people seem to forget about creating good content for websites. People forget that the content that they are creating is for people, not the search engines.

What is high quality content?

At the very core of every SEO campaign is the process of creating high quality content. There is no argument to be found that creating high quality content is the primary focus of SEO operations.

The production of high quality content depends upon the discretion of those making it. Discretion is a funny little thing. Like an empty hole in the middle of a donut, discretion is surrounded by a belt of restriction more commonly known as standards. The question therefore is this, by whose standards should the content be made?

The question that people should be asking themselves however is for whom the high quality content should be made for. SEO operations mainly consider the search engines as an audience.

See, the whole reason why SEO operations exist is because of how search engines operate. Search engines use certain algorithms and programs, known as web crawlers or spiders, in order to come up with a list of results relevant to the needs of the search engine’s user. To that end, the contents of a website are tailor made for the search engine to increase the chances that search engine programs will find them.

Being found by web crawlers mean that a website will get on the search engine results page (SERP). The higher the relevance of a website the higher its rank, the higher the rank the more likely it will draw attention and earn visitors. Typically, this is how the online industry understands high quality content.

The issue with this is that this kind of high quality content is based on the standards of a machine or a written program and not the actual intended audience. To put it simply, the SEO industry usually cares more about the technical side of their content that the human side. Content is now being made for the purpose of satisfying the standards of a machine or computer program.

High quality content for people

If a website really wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd and be recognized as something unique, creative, or fun then they ought to start thinking about their audience more and the search engines less.

When creating content it is always best to think about the target audience. Thinking too much about the search engine’s standards when creating content usually results in dry, bland, or mundane writing. These are the sort of content that people tend to avoid.

Sure, perhaps a website did catch the attention of the visitor because they were able to land a spot on the SERP, but did the visitor come back? Retention is another important aspect of a website’s survival. It is not enough that people visit a website; they also need to retain their audience in order for them to truly thrive. SEO operations really need to start thinking about how they can do more to prioritize the people more and machines less.

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